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A Thousand Raindrops

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The Swimmer

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Eternal Flame

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The eternal flame at the Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial in Atlanta, Georgia.

China Chef

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2013 Photo Challenge, Week 1: Icon

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Elvis Christ, A San Francisco Icon.

2013 Photo Challenge, Week 1/52. The theme is “Icon”.

This is a San Francisco street artist. He calls himself Elvis Christ. He writes poems on strips of masking tape, and sticks them to the sidewalks around the city. I shoot the poems whenever I see them, and once in a while I run into him. He’s an interesting guy to talk with. He and his work are definitely San Francisco Icons.

You can see the poems I have managed to collect here: Tape Poems on Flickr

At the beginning of 2012, I decided to take advantage of the awesome view of the Transamerica Building from the offices I work in. Every day when I arrived at work, I used my iPhone and the Hipstamatic app to take a picture of the view. I used random settings, rather than using my favorite settings, just to make sure there was some variety.

Over the course of the year, I made 256 images. This makes a nice 16×16 grid, and since Hipstamatic images are square format, the resulting grid is a square.

Taking on a year-long project that requires a photo nearly every day is a challenge. Not every image was particularly interesting to me on its own. However, the resulting collection of images as a whole makes the effort worth while to me. In addition, there is the satisfaction that comes from completing a project.

Why not try it yourself? If you have a smartphone, you have all the tools you need. Just select a view that you see most days. Maybe the view from your office window, the view from your daily commute, or the view from your home. Set an alarm to remind yourself to make the photo every day. Get in the habit of posting the resulting image to Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, or another site that allows you to share photos. Once you get in the habit, you will undoubtedly find yourself looking forward to this part of your daily routine.

When you post your image, include the tag “dailyview”. It is fun to look at this tag on Instagram or Flickr and see all the other daily views that people are posting.

What if you miss a day? Don’t worry about it! Just keep going. Over the course of the year, you will still end up with a great collection of images. And who knows… you may decide to keep up your daily view project for a long time to come!