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Tire Jumper

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A Thousand Raindrops

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2013 Photo Challenge, Week 1: Icon

January 9th, 2013 Permalink

Elvis Christ, A San Francisco Icon.

2013 Photo Challenge, Week 1/52. The theme is “Icon”.

This is a San Francisco street artist. He calls himself Elvis Christ. He writes poems on strips of masking tape, and sticks them to the sidewalks around the city. I shoot the poems whenever I see them, and once in a while I run into him. He’s an interesting guy to talk with. He and his work are definitely San Francisco Icons.

You can see the poems I have managed to collect here: Tape Poems on Flickr

To The Sky

May 27th, 2012 Permalink

To The Sky

The Golden Gate Bridge opened 75 years ago today. Part of my Golden Gate Bridge set on Flickr.

Trumpets Of Union Square

Clouds And Sky

yaw om

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yaw om

Inspired by the Lee Friedlander show at the Fraenkel Gallery. If you are in San Francsico, check it out.

Huddled In The Trenches


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When A New Life Turns Towards You