Ardbeg, 21 yr, 112.6 proof

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This bottle was purchased at the Ardbeg distillery on Islay and is not available in the US.


Melissa: Sweet and smokey nose, but beware… this isn’t for the faint of heart.  It starts peaty, very salty, very iodiney (if that’s a word) and has a very long, medicinal and firey finish.  I like it, but it’s not one I could drink all the time.


Macallan 30’s, 80 proof

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The Macallan distillery did something really cool. Macallan typically does not have a taste of peat or smoke, since they malt their barley using a coal fire, not a peat fire. However, during the war years, there was a shortage of coal, and they were forced to use peat. As a result, Macallan malt from that era had a unique flavor. They have now attempted to duplicate the unique flavors of those malts, and the result has been several special editions, one for each decade. We purchased this bottle at the Macallan distillery, it is not available in the US.


Melissa: Color is a very pretty shade of toffee. It smells like toffee too, with a slight peaty scent. The peat, though, is the dominant flavor of the malt. A nice warming smokiness comes next, then a short & sweet finish.


Edradour 10 yr, Unchilled Filtered (Signatory), 92 proof

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Distilled: 10/22/1992
Bottled: 10/3/2003
Cask no: 387
Bottle no: 23 of 497 

Jeremy: A great example of what Signatory does. This malt is quite different from the 10 year Edradour. Sherry nose, creamy taste, full body. Very nice finish.

Melissa: This was a complete surprise. The nose was of vanilla, slight iodine, and toffee. The unchilled filtered bottling made it taste heavy and creamy with a very smooth finish. Adding water really brought out the full body. It was an instant must-have for me, but most at our table disagreed. Even after the second tasting, several people said it was “too weird”. I think that’s the great thing about it… it doesn’t taste like any other whisky I’ve tried.

Laphroaig, 10yr, 86 proof

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Jeremy: One of the great Islay malts. The nose is peat, smoke, and iodine; somewhat medicinal. Complex flavors, woody and salty. Has a long, lingering finish. A great after-dinner malt.

Melissa: To me, Laphroaig is the quintessential Islay whisky. You can smell the salty air and peatiness which are balanced really well with a light iodine flavor. The finish is very smooth with a little kick at the end.


Glenturret 12 year (Signatory), 86 proof

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Jeremy: I should have brought my notes home. What Melissa said. 

Melissa: Like many Highland whiskies, I found Glenturret pretty light and sweet. There were also nice hints of vanilla. The finish was very subtle.


Rosebank 12yr (Signatory), 86 proof

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Distilled: 11/27/1991
Bottled: 9/11/2004
Matured in Burbon Barrel
Cask no: 4716
Bottle no: 266 of 304

Jeremy: Floral, grassy nose. This is a delicate malt, with a sweet taste and a short finish. This is a good introduction to Scotch whisky, not too overpowering. A little water goes a long way. A good morning malt.

Melissa: The nose is floral, grassy, & sweet. The taste is light & sweet with a short peppery finish. I didn’t care for it at first, but on my second try I enjoyed it a lot more.

Edradour 10 yr, 80 proof

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Edradour holds a special place for us. This is the first distillery we visited in Scotland.

Jeremy: A deep golden color. Sweet nose, with toffee and sherry.

Melissa: mmmmm sweet, very sweet. Smells of honey, toffee, and vanilla. Tastes light, almost like a white wine. Finishes smooth, dry and sweet. This is one of my favorites.